We offer Obstetrics, General Gynaecology, Cervical Screening and Colposcopy, and a wide range of general and laparoscopic day care procedures, in addition to a host of world-class gynaecology services.

For functional and aesthetic enhancement (Non-surgical)

For functional and aesthetic enhancement (Non-surgical)

-Non-surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation by laser

-Non- surgical Vulvar Rejuvenation by laser or Radio frequency
-Non-surgical treatment of Stress Urine Incontinence
-Laser vulvar skin bleaching
-Labia majora augmentation by fillers
-G-spot amplification with G-shot technique
-O- Shot therapy for enhanced female sexual function

-Platelet Rich Plasma injection to enhance functioning and aesthetic.

For functional and aesthetic enhancement (Non-surgical)

Surgical Cosmetic and Reconstructive Gynecology

T-Labia minor plasty

-Clitoral hood plasty
-Excision of genital warts or any vulvar lesion by laser
-Supervision of high risk pregnancy
-Natural Vaginal Birth and Operative deliveries including Cesarean Section
-Routine Antenatal Care
-Pre-Conception Counselling
-Early detection of fetal abnormalities
-3D and 4D Ultrasound
-Post natal check-up and breastfeeding help

-Family Planning and Guidance for Contraceptive devices..

Gynecology- Non-Surgical Puberty Disorder

Gynecology- Non-Surgical Puberty Disorder

Hirsutism and Menstrual disorder

Regular gynecological check-up in different age groups ( Regular screening depending on age)
Guidance for all kinds of Contraception
Colposcopy and Hysteroscopy
Diagnostic investigations of infertility and treatment help
Management of Menopausal complications and Osteoporosis

Diagnosis of abnormal female bleedings and treatment operation.

Gynecological Surgeries - All Gynecological Surgery by Laparoscopy or Laparotomy

Gynecological Surgeries - All Gynecological Surgery by Laparoscopy or Laparotomy

Total Abdominal Hysterectomy

-Ovarian Cyst
-Adnexical Mass
-Ectopic Pregnancy
-Surgical Correction of genital prolapse
-Cystocele Repair
-Rectocele Repair
-Repair of Genital Trauma

-Perineal Repaire

Dr. Nazek Al Salman

Specialist Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Nazek Al Salman is a consultant in obstetrics & gynaecology, and specializes in colposcopy, and cosmetic gynaecological procedures like labioplasty, plastic vaginal surgery and reconstructive pelvic surgeries. Dr. Nazek Al Salman’s interests include the follow up of high risk pregnancies and deliveries, normal and caesarean delivery, family planning, gynaecological surgery and women health, including healthy life style, vaccines and screening of gynaecological cancers. She is well-experienced in 4D ultrasound and early detection of foetal abnormalities.

Dr. Harith

Specialist Obstetrics and Gynecology

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