Dr Nazek Al Salmana 

Dr. Nazek Al Salman is a consultant in obstetrics & gynaecology, and specializes in colposcopy, and cosmetic gynaecological procedures like labioplasty, plastic vaginal surgery and reconstructive pelvic surgeries. Dr. Nazek Al Salman’s interests include the follow up of high risk pregnancies and deliveries, normal and caesarean delivery, family planning, gynaecological surgery and women health, including healthy life style, vaccines and screening of gynaecological cancers. She is well-experienced in 4D ultrasound and early detection of foetal abnormalities.

Her profession started as a Specialist in OB/GYN at the Specialized Medical Care Hospital, Al Ain city, UAE (Feb 2014 – Sept 2010). She was responsible for the management of gynaecological and obstetric cases – inpatient and outpatient, gynaecologic surgeries, vaginal and operative deliveries, and was much adept with the use of 4D ultrasound and detecting foetal anomalies. She later moved on to Al Ain Cromwell Hospital, Al Ain city, UAE in October 2010, and has since been working there as a Consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology.

Along with her clinical work, Dr. Nazek Al Salman has been involved with researches on the management of pre-term labour (1996), and has conducted a retrospective study of transverse lie cases in Damascus University Hospital (2000 – 2003).

She holds Professional Memberships at Syrian Obstetric Society (since 2000), World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons (since 2006), and the International Society Ultrasound of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr. Nazek Al Salman is proud of her experience which spans more than 15 years as a good communicator and clinician. She loves her career and her patients, managing obstetrics and gynaecology patients with full respect and privacy..

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